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2024 Grading Days

Monday 12 February: 10 years at 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Monday 12 February: 12 & 13 years at 5:30pm to 6:30pm

11 years grading not required

14 years grading not required

15 years grading not required

Cadets grading not required

Grading days are held at Lionel Watts Netball Courts

2024 10 years team grading:

10 years teams play in a grading round robin to form grades for the upcoming season. This grading is being held on Saturday 9 March at 8:30am at John Fisher Park, Curl Curl. Sunday 10 March is the backup date in case of wet weather. This session is compulsory for 10 years players so please put in your diary.

NetSetGO players (7, 8 & 9 years), playing in the modified, non-competitive competition are not graded. We encourage players to play with friends and requests will be accommodated where possible depending however, on overall registrations in these age groups.

Junior players aged 10 years to 15 years must attend the physical grading day.

Cadets & Senior players will be advised if physical grading is necessary.

The aim of grading is to form teams which have a balanced group of players of similar ability across all playing positions. Grading is also influenced by the number of players registered in each age group for the season. We select teams to ensure the best chance of success, the greatest level of enjoyment and the highest potential for individual player development during each season.

Grading processes draw extensively on information from the previous season as well as the club grading days which take place at the beginning of each season.


Coaches Reports

At the end of the season each coach provides a written evaluation of each player’s skill, fitness, commitment to and attendance at training and games, teamwork and attitude. These reports are confidential.

Individual Player Assessments

During the season the Coaching Convenor may observe players skill levels during competition games.


Physical Grading

All players must be registered with Belrose Netball for the current season before attending grading days. On grading day the Coaching Convenor invites independent graders who are experienced players and/or coaches, to assess each player in their nominated positions.

In forming teams, the graders will take into consideration the Coaches reports, season assessments and play observed at the grading day, while also prioritising that a netball team requires a balance of height, agility and ball skills, as well as defenders, mid court players and shooters.

Players are expected to attend physical grading as it is one of the most essential components in preparing for a successful season. However, we understand that in exceptional circumstances, this is not always possible. In these cases, players will be either asked to attend another age groups grading day or they will be paper graded into a team. If a player is unable to attend a grading day, the player’s parent/guardian must notify the club in writing prior. In some cases, physical grading for an age group is not required, players will be notified accordingly.

Independent graders finalise teams with the Coaching Convenor following the grading days and teams are announced in March. The support of the parents during this process is greatly appreciated. Once team lists are submitted to Manly Warringah Netball Association they cannot be changed.

10 years Grading

Belrose teams in the 10 year age groups are required to participate in a further grading round robin as part of Manly Warringah Netball Association at John Fisher Park, Curl Curl on Saturday 9 March 2024  (Sunday 10 March back up in case of rain.) During this day, Belrose teams play other teams in the association to assess their competitiveness with regard to forming a suitable competition. It is very important your child is available for this event in order to accurately grade the team for the year.


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