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If your team needs to forfeit, please see below:

Forfeits before the day of play

Secretary of forfeiting club to contact secretary of opposing club and Association Competition Secretary, notifying a forfeit. Secretary of opposing club to verify with Competition Secretary. Above procedure to be completed on night prior to play.


Forfeit on the day of play – advice of forfeit

A team member or club official is to contact the Association Competition Secretary or duty official. The Competition Secretary or duty official is to record name of caller and validate that caller is a team member and that forfeit details are correct. If a team member advises the forfeit, the Competition Secretary or duty official is to advise a club official of forfeit and to contact an official from the opposing team’s club, if possible, to advise that their players do not need to attend, but will be awarded the forfeit win.


Forfeit on day of play – no advice of forfeit

A team winning by forfeit shall return score sheet, signed by at least five (5) players, to duty official to claim forfeit.


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