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Players should always turn up to play unless games are cancelled due to wet weather.  Decisions on game cancellations for Saturdays will be posted on MWNA website and Facebook.

Northern Beaches Council may close the grounds after heavy rain. This is updated via their web site.  Click here: Northern Beaches

Some games may still proceed on the hard courts. If there is rain on the Friday before a game, MWNA may cancel the games for the first time slot on Friday night so be sure to check MWNA Facebook page.


If Wet weather occurs in the finals games please refer to the Calendar as Wet Weather make up days are scheduled for Sundays.

Wet Weather Make Up Games

When a week is missed due to wet weather - the following week two x half games are played (except in Public School Holidays where games will be played the first game after school is resumed). The game of the current date is played in the first half and the wet week game is played in the second half.

Umpires for the current date control the two x half games on their allocated court.

NetSetGo games are not made up. Games are played as per the fixture.


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